Teaching Toddlers Virtues

I love how first time parents always say babies are so hard. Yea, there are parts that are difficult: like learning and satisfying your child’s needs and losing sleep; but I think it actually gets harder as they grow older. They start developing personalities and all of the sudden you have to adult: say please and thank you, use proper language, and share in front of your kid, etc. You’re under a microscope because you’ve got mini-me over here copying whatever you do and say. You literally have someone looking up to you.

Serena is young, but she is impressionable, and since I’m home with the kids, we decided to start teaching some virtues. Maybe virtues is not the right word, maybe I’m trying to say that we are teaching her one new trait every month. This is obviously something we’re doing for the first time, and if we see a teaching moment, we’re going to adjust, but it’s something we’re striving towards. I’m hoping that you’ll join us on this journey as we do fun activities, use apps, read books, and play games.

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