Teaching Toddlers in March: Patience

Hello, March! March is a fun month for us, it’s a month filled with birthdays, anniversaries, and a peek into Spring. This year, March is also the month we focus on Patience.

There are several tips and ways to teacher your toddler to be patient.

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First of all, define patience.

What is patience? Well, it’s really the ability to wait due to a delay without getting angry or upset. Holding it together when things aren’t going your way just yet.

Obviously, kids are not going to understand the aforementioned. Soooo, come up with a simple sentence to explain it them:

Patience is sitting without complaining.

Patience is waiting quietly.

Patience is being quiet while you wait your turn.


Second of all, make waiting and patience a visual experience.

Clocks are your friends, guys. Our three-year-old doesn’t know how to tell time yet, but she does understand the concept of 5-minutes.

If you search on Pinterest, there are several printable clocks out there that you can use to help your cild visualize time, their activities, and thereby, the patience for what comes next.

You can find a few great examples here, here, and here.

Third of all, model it.

Obviously, as the parent, you need to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Right? In other words, model the patience that you want your toddler to understand and duplicate. If you’re not a real patient person (which is totally fine because I hate waiting for the microwave to get to 0 before I open it), then use books to model that behavior.

You can find a few of our favorite books that teach patience here, here, here, and here.


Fourth of all, make it fun.

Did you know that everything in life doesn’t have to be so hard? Things can actually be fun! Teaching can be fun! Yay teaching!

Teaching your kids to be patience is no easy feat. But, if you make it fun by cutting the internet and having them wait for it to come back on cooking or baking, they will definitely love the experience!

Heck, you can even play board games that will teach your child basic things like waiting his/her turn and playing until the end.

Here are some of our favorite board games: Operation, Pictureka, and The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game.

Whatever you do, make sure to have patience with yourself. Teaching patience to someone else is not easy!


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