Rhyme Time on Easter


What’s up?

It’s been a minute because see, well, what had happened was that the twins hit the 18 month sleep regress. And then I misplaced my laptop charger. So being a zombie for a week, unable to muster the energy to find said charger, I couldn’t get on to access the freebie and upload it.

But I’m here now. Settle down, mamas. Don’t you all cry at once!

I’m sure you guys know that we don’t celebrate Easter because we’re not Catholic. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take this as a teaching opportunity for my kids.

There’s lots of easter eggs hunts to attend, eggs to color, sensory bins to make, chocolate bunnies to eat, and printables to work on.

Lately, we’ve been practicing letter sounds, opposites, and rhyming words. We’ve been going on walks daily so I’m thinking of incorporating a bug/flower/springtime unit. Still toying with the idea but I’m sure you’ll be the first to know when I’ve got something cooked up! Stay tuned! In the mean time, click here to get the free rhyming Easter printable.


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