Let’s Write: Alphabet Flashcards

When the boys nap, I try really hard to make sure that I get one dedicated hour with Serena. We are currently going through the lessons in THIS 100 lessons book on becoming a reader. We are also working on penmanship so we do use this book (which is currently on sale) to help with the hand-eye coordination. She’s a lefty so it’s taking a little bit longer to get to that neat handwriting. Also, she’s only 4 so practice ain’t hurting!

We also play games like this one or this one. We have even just taken the couch cushions off and sat around. These numbers we got from Ikea. She’s since painted them all funky colors, but they’re a fun thing she likes to play with (and the boys, too!). It’s nice because I think she really needs that one-on-one time.

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All this quality time is fun, but this mama also really needs a break. So I make sure that of the two-hour nap the boys will take, I also give Serena some quiet time so I can do my own things. These things usually involve laundry, dishes, cooking, and if I’m extra lucky, a super short shower or quick nap.

So, the activities for independent work are really important because they need to keep her engaged long enough for me to get at least dinner prepped. We do some “bellies and books” time where she has to lay down and read or sing to herself. But that usually lasts like ten minutes.

I’m not an expert, nor do I always have an activity planned for her. BUT, it’s nice to have things ready and just pull out for her to do.

I’ve started this thing, I’m calling it Let’s Write. I’m totally going to trademark it so don’t even think about it, Shelly.

I printed out THIS alphabet tracing sheet on THIS paper cause color is awesome. I used THIS bad boy and cut them into small flashcards. If you’re super ambitious, you can hole punch each one and use this to keep them together for an on-the-go activity. But, I’m not really so I just put them in THIS thing I got from Michael’s. It’s actually a photoholder thingy, but like, who prints pictures anymore? I mean, technically, I can just take one of those badboys on the go (like we did to the doctor’s office) and call it a day.

Anyway, Let’s Write keeps her working independently long enough for me to shower, cook dinner, and kick my feet up. I also don’t find her covered in markers because I use THESE. They’re more than half off right now. Get ’em, girl!

I’m calling this a win, you guys.

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