What Goes Woof Woof?

We have this one corner in the living room that has a big wooden crate where we put our blankets. It’s blocked by two jumpers and a walker so the boys really have to work through an obstacle course to get to it. Somehow, they manage to weasel their way into the corner.

See, now that the boys are a little older, they can understand when they are being naughty. They are learning new things every day. Obviously we’re not doing any rigorous curriculum but we are working on basic things like identifying family members by name,  identifying toys, singing songs, and working on animal sounds.

Here is a free printable of animals that I’ve created. We laminated it and cut it out in to flashcards. We review it with the boys and go over the animal sounds. We do this once or twice a day so they can relate the sounds to the animals. It’s especially fun for us because their is a petting zoo near our home and we’re able to see the animals in real life.

What are some other activities that you do with your babies to keep them engaged and entertained?

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