Tips on How to Handle Sick Kids and Prevent Germs

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OH MY GOODNESS. Guys, what’s worse than having a sick kid who’s down and out? THREE. Having three kids that are not feeling well is a total bummer. I mean, aside from being exhausted holding three kids at once (you can just call me wonder woman because I seriously wonder how that’s even possible) for like 8 hours, you just feel bad. Someone I know once told me that the worst feeling to feel is helplessness and by golly, that was so true for me this week. It’s so hard to watch your kids get sick, especially when they don’t have the vocabulary to tell you what’s actually wrong with them. All you can do is trust your instinct and kind of guess.

Anyway, it is super important to eliminate those germs from the house because while it’s important to build their immunity, it’s more important to have healthy kids. That’s why we only use Legacy of Clean in the house. Legacy of Clean discloses all their ingredients to their products, allowing them to be fully transparent to us about the safety of their ingredients. We feel comfortable eating off the counter we just wiped or letting the kids crawl on the wood floors because we know that what we are cleaning with is completely safe for our kids. It meets the Safer Choice standards set forth by the EPA, which helps consumers identify which products have fewer chemicals without sacrificing effectiveness.

Aside from keeping the house clean, here are 4 tips for preventing sickness from spreading in the house

  1. Limit sharing as much as possible. Sometimes, I’ll turn around to do something and the next thing you know, one of the boys has his hand in the other one’s mouth. Or Serena is trying to hug and kiss up on one of the boys because he’s crying. Obviously you can’t have one eye open at all times, but do your best. If you see something, say something! Haha!
  2. Build up their immune systems by introducing vitamins. I have so much to say about this topic and am very passionate about it, so much so that I will have a dedicated post on the importance of vitamins for children. Until then, I will just refer to the vitamins we use at home with the kids: We use multitarts, fruits & vegetables, vitamin C, and a probiotic. We started giving vitamins to Serena when she was only 6 months old! We love Nutrilite and the positive impact it has on our family.
  3. Change the diet to reflect the need. Oranges for extra vitamin C. Bananas are high in potassium and will help ease diarrhea, as will the rest of the BRAT diet (Banana, rice, apple [juice], and toast). Reduce milk and sugary juices and increase water water water. Dairy is known to increase mucous and unnecessary sugar will just drain their energy. This is not to say that you need to feed your kids only bread, rice, bananas, and apples. The key is to make sure they have a nutritious diet and adjust as needed to provide symptom relief.
  4. Like, rest a lot. Make sure the kids are going to bed early and taking enough naps. It’s okay to sit on the couch and cuddle while reading a book or watching your favorite movie. Sometimes, all they need is a little bit of TLC from mommy and daddy. Give yourself a break, too; you don’t need to run to the grocery store, make 10 arts & crafts, or cook a three course meal for dinner. Just take it slowly.


Obviously, you should take your child to get medical attention should you deem that necessary. Aside from providing steam, using a humidifier, and of course the amazing NoseFrida, we focus on the four aforementioned tips. I know I’m glad to have healthy kids again. Dealing with sicknesses is no fun, but remember: This too shall pass.

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  1. Great tips and advice! I especially need to hear the give yourself a break. Sometimes we get burnt out trying to get it all done!

  2. Kay

    Thank you for sharing! Definitely need some of these tips right now! Love your blog 🙂

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