Friday Freebie: Cats, Cats, Cats!

Happy Friday, my friends!! We have a great weekend planned ahead of us and I hope you do, too!

This week’s Friday Freebie is brought to you by my inner love of cats. A little backstory on the biggest family dilemma going on now. We get asked often if we’re going to have more kids and the answer is maybe. For now, we’re going to focus on our family and the goals we have for 2018.

Sanjay and I do, however, want to add a pet to the family. He, naturally, wants a puppy, and I, of course, want to be a cat lady with a litter of little kitties.

I’m mean, c’mon, they’re just so darn adorable! And they curl up next to you. And they purr. And they don’t require you to take them out for a walk in this subzero temperatures that we’re been having lately. Basically, they take care of themselves!

Anyway, I created today’s Friday Freebie because I want a cat. Hope all my cat lovers enjoy it! You can access it for free here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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