12 Days of Christmas Activities: Day 9

Remember when we were all young and all about “Tuesday Boozeday“? Now, I’m all like “Tuesday Snoozeday?!” Man, times have changed!

Anyway, it’s been a busy week here, at home. The kitchen is almost finished. The presents are wrapping themselves. I ordered cookies. Basically, we’re getting things done!

Well, most things.. we still haven’t put up our Christmas tree. Quite honestly, with three toddlers and a kitchen reno, I think we’re waiting till Saturday night to put it up. Real life here.

We are, however, using today’s free printable to count out our Christmas tree lights. I swear, this time last year, Serena didn’t know how to count past 8. Such a odd (or maybe even?) number to only know up to; but this year, she can count to twenty!

I hope you guys are having a great time doing these free printables and that they’re buying you enough time to catch up on Instastories. Listen, every free minute counts!

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